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Segue key features

Cloud-based application

Segue runs on a PCI-compliant, highly resilient global data network with a technology layer that delivers critical business functionality to client’s contact centers. This is maintained by IT and network professionals, ensuring even the most complicated network or IT issues are resolved swiftly.

Inbound Contact Center

With routing capabilities that leverage Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), IVR and skill group-based routing, callers are routed based on algorithms to ensure queries are addressed by the right and best-skilled agents. With CTI screen pops, customer information may be visible on screen to ensure personalized call experiences. Bolt-ons include screen recording, NPS & CSAT, CRM integration (e.g. Salesforce).

Outbound Contact Center

Productivity is amplified through autodialer, predictive and preview dialing solutions so agents can make connections with more prospects/customers. Dialers can automatically bypass unanswered calls, hang-ups and voicemail. Automated outbound messaging can also be set up to inform customers about special offers, service reminders, welcome messages, renewal notices, collection calls, time-sensitive announcements and more.

Blended Contact Center

Our blended solution eliminates inbound and outbound call toggling, allows for a true unified environment where agents are switched when traffic volumes peak or slow down, based on skill and contact priority. This allows for agility, continued focus and proactive interactions for customer service and sales operations.

Role-based access

Agents, Supervisors and Admin have unique access with differences in functionality like Ready & Not Ready buttons, Transfer Codes, messaging capabilities (agent-to-agent or team broadcasts), modification capability, etc. With System mode, users access live stats and specific call data. Supervisors can also view and track their team’s progress with ability to view by: campaign, skill group, calls, supervisors and agent.

CRM compatibility

Segue integrates routing functionality with clients’ Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform to provide agents with a single workspace for customer interactions. Combining CRM platforms such as Salesforce with Segue, agents can respond to customers based on their full history and journey to drive cohesive customer experiences.

Quality Assurance

Segue Insights is a contact center quality and performance management system that automates and simplifies the quality assurance process by evaluating and scoring the quality of agents’ calls. While similar to other quality monitoring tools in the market which focus on compliance, scoring discrepancies and data extraction, Segue Insights takes a more holistic approach to performance measurement by integrating customer perspectives through NPS and CSAT surveys.

Reporting and Analytics

Our reporting features enable real-time and historical reports generation. Customized reports and dashboards help in tracking contact center and agent performance so users have an overall view of the contact center activities across various customer touch-points. This provides businesses with operational insights for process improvement. Further, data can be transferred directly to your business intelligence (BI) reporting platform, data warehouse or into Microsoft Excel and/or other reporting formats.

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